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Player Information

Name: Zals
Age: Yes
Timezone: GMT
Contact Info:

Character Information

All player characters must be 7th graders of Blackbell Middle School.

Name: Belladonna
Age: 12
Gender: Female
PB: Kanade Tachibana – Angel Beats
Appearance: Belladonna is of average height and build for a 12 year old girl but her long straight shining silver hair is anything but average. She generally has a blank or glum expression on her face and tends to avoid emoting facially too much. She wears a great deal of black and old fashioned clothes with a distinct air of the gothic Lolita.
Archetype: Glum kid
Personality: Belladonna is strongly influenced by her family, their mentality and None More Goth attitude, she wants to fulfil their expectations and works hard on maintaining the right persona. Speaking to her can be a trial as she’s generally morose or unnerving, she’s capable of holding normal conversations but often seems like she’s not quite there. Belladonna often purposefully avoids socialising with groups, feeling that hanging out with too many other kids ruins her image, instead preferring to find a quiet and preferably suitably weird spot to spend her free time at school. But she has the odd close friend and those she considers friends she is deeply loyal to.

Despite her dedication to her external appearance and attitude who she is under it all doesn’t totally fit with her upbringing. Her parents are both quite dramatic romantics and it is a trait they passed onto Belladona. But because her dramatic and romantic outlook is more sparkly princess and less morbid, creepy goth it’s something she has always repressed. It isn’t that unusual to see her cast the occasional furtive and coveting glance at someone’s brightly coloured outfit or particularly sparkly and gaudy items in shops. It’s an endless internal struggle for her, her upbringing and desire for parental approval by following their path through life or breaking away and feeling she can be her own person and express her own desires and tastes.

Background/History: Her mother is a Channeler from Lavender Town and her father a Psychic from Saffron Town and a former gym trainer, they moved the family to Sinjoh as soon as it was viable as it suited their gothic romanticism and desire for adventure (and spooks). Raised as an only child in a family dedicated to being as ridiculously creepy and weird as they could be gave her a pretty strange view of the world. They aggressively rejected anything they considered too ‘normal’ and filled their house with mischievous ghost types, as well as keeping themselves as secluded as possible from other people who didn’t share their outlook on life.

Growing up in a house with hipster goth parents and creepy ghosts isn’t really ideal, as a result Belladonna has a deep dislike of ghost pokemon that she keeps secret to avoid upsetting her parents even though she thinks having five Gengar in the house is excessive she is unable to express this to her parents.

Her parents’ obsession with image, and being creepy weirdos, meant Belladonna grew up quite emotionally contained and capable. She’d never really had anyone to emotionally rely on except her childhood caretaker he parents’ Jigglypuff Igba and really that had always been enough for her. She was never exactly friendless, she usually found the odd good friend amongst the children at school especially those who fell more into the ‘outcast’ type as they were the only friends her parents approved of.


Starter Pokemon

Pokemon: Pancham
Name: Bamba
Personality: Bamba thinks he is the toughest pokemon around, and never backs down from a fight or perceived insult, even though he’s not exactly talented in the fighting department. He’s a boisterous fool who is one of the few who can make Belladonna laugh. He totally adores Belladonna and would do anything for her.
Met:. Belladonna’s Aunt who is a pokemon breeder was hatching an egg whilst Belladonna and her parents were on a family visit, the Pancham that hatched and the young Belladonna bonded instantly despite their differing personalities and her Aunt gifted her Bamba despite Belladonna’s parents’ protests.
Other Belladonna’s parents really don’t approve of Bamba and he gets along badly with their numerous spooky Pokemon as he never takes them seriously.

Pokemon: Munna
Name: Nightshade
Personality: Nightshade (generally called Shade) is a quiet and reserved Pokemon that is slow to trust people and prefers to observe rather than engage, he is a watchful Pokemon with not much of a sense of humour, meaning he and Bamba do not get along.
Met:. As they disapproved so strongly of Bamba Belladonna’s parents got hold of Nightshade from a family friend in order to provide a more ‘suitable’ starter for their daughter and hoping it would break her away from Bamba. He took a long time to take to Belladonna and for a time they struggled to connect although she kept this secret from her parents, however seeing her genuine loyalty and compassion for Pokemon Nightshade came to trust her and care for her.
Other: Belladonna’s parents named him Nightshade.
Legendary reserve:
Field Reserve:
Mountain Reserve: Lileep
Other reserves: Beedrill (Weedle), Jigglypuff, Goomy, Woobat, Snivvy

Sample RP post: @Mellow_Lellow


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